“A Transition To Grace” By Christina S. Wherry

A Transition To

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‘A Transition to Grace’ is a personal collection of poems which serve as the platform for a young mother’s emotional healing, psychological transformation and spiritual re-connection.
Christina shares her heart, mind and soul as she pens the details of her Inner Self while trying to empower her Outer Self. She intimately shares what she has been through, what she is going through and the lessons learned during each period. As she transforms into whom she was meant to be, her mistakes are noted, her flaws are acknowledged and her shortcomings have been taken under advisement. Still, she progresses through the maze that is her life – through the adventure that is healing – and invites you along on the journey.
The following material is created by a healing soul, aimed at attracting other healing souls towards their healing. 
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2 thoughts on ““A Transition To Grace” By Christina S. Wherry

  1. I love that with these poems, Christina is being completely vulnerable and open about herself. From sharing the good and the bad she welcomes any progress she may make. Ooooh it can only lead to good changes!!!


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