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Who Is A Lioness?

Every woman who empowers another is a Lioness – she works to make the next day better than the day before; her outlook remains positive in spite of challenging circumstances. A Lioness is effortlessly living a balanced life of mind, body and spirit. Namaste Christina “Global Lioness” Wherry

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What Yoga Taught Me

I began my yoga teacher training journey in January 2016 with intentions to go deeper into the foundation of what it is and how I could help others through practice. This journey causes you to study yourself, more than poses and be aware of your interactions with others. As the training comes to an end… Continue reading What Yoga Taught Me

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What Happens When Your Flow is Challenged?

As you begin to apply what you are learning about yourself know there will be tests along the way to give certainty to your journey. We will begin again and again as we choose to evolve. Some lessons reappear until we have worked through the outcome. Be patient with yourself and others we are all… Continue reading What Happens When Your Flow is Challenged?

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Teaching Yoga to Beginners

  Yoga is for everyone who is open to the practice, all are welcomed. This week we learned how to teach students who are starting their journey. We demonstrated and taught a pose of our choice. It can be difficult when you get analytical about how you are to guide someone who is on the… Continue reading Teaching Yoga to Beginners

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These are affirmations for the week (2/9). I allow myself to evolve. We are all here to learn and grow. Despite our circumstances we can still choose how our journey is to conclude. I am enough. We are born with everything we need while on this journey. There’s no reason to feel inferior to anyone… Continue reading Affirmations