Are You Listening?


  1. Trust yourself

You know what you want, so go for it. That inner voice that supports you is becoming stronger every time you choose to tune in to it. Trust that you are able to plan and execute. Fear is real yet it’s something you can conquer and continue to progress.

  1. Who benefits? What are you doing it for?

Grab a note pad and answer these two questions, your answers may be similar for both yet take the time to write down your intentions. By answering these questions you are able to align yourself with your purpose and goals. Stay focused.

  1. Meditate on it

Inhale and exhale deeply (6 times) call on The Divine to give you guidance if you must. Relax, tune in to your body and spirit. Make your decision when you are ready without feeling rushed or pressured.

  1. Nothing is mysterious about faith

The energy of The Divine is always working towards our greater good. With everything that is for you, how can you have anything against you? This is where trusting you and meditation become beneficial to your well being.

  1. Reflect on how things went

You are still here. How did things work out? What would you have done differently? How you feel? Every outcome can yield opportunities for growth and understanding.

Take time to tune in and tune out, tune into you and tune out the world. Are you listening?

With love + light



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