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Black History is American History


Six black churches

Ten days

Nine black lives

Many more needed to be saved

Freedom imaginary as world equality

It’s not that I don’t believe in us

The American People

The system and politics are the issue

I wrote this at a time I felt that’s all I could do to release my thoughts about what has happened and continued to happen to people of color in America. I was so angry and frustrated. How can these things take place in country where others come for refuge? How can another human being treat another so horribly? What would make another feel they could take someone else’s life?

Some of those questions may never be answered. Moving forward I have released the anger by having compassion for those who have lost their way or simply don’t know any better. That doesn’t mean that I’m ok with what happens but I recognize I have no control if it happens or not. What I am able to do is teach my daughter to treat others with love and compassion by doing so myself. If they are open to accepting it that’s great and if they are not it’s still great. I will stay true to who I am and teach her to do the same. Black History is large part of American History, we celebrate all year.



Global Lioness


One thought on “Black History is American History

  1. It can be incredibly difficult to not get caught up in the hatred. Good for you for rising above and teaching your children how to be true to themselves, regardless of others.


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