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Measuring Your Progress

When did you start? What’s changed since then? Have you written down a plan? Be aware of the small things we believe to be insignificant. You’ve started waking earlier, smiling while sitting in traffic. Give yourself credit. You may have uncovered emotional triggers that bring up past issues. Take your time and contact your tribe… Continue reading Measuring Your Progress

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These are affirmations for the week (2/9). I allow myself to evolve. We are all here to learn and grow. Despite our circumstances we can still choose how our journey is to conclude. I am enough. We are born with everything we need while on this journey. There’s no reason to feel inferior to anyone… Continue reading Affirmations

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Black History is American History

  Six black churches Ten days Nine black lives Many more needed to be saved Freedom imaginary as world equality It’s not that I don’t believe in us The American People The system and politics are the issue I wrote this at a time I felt that’s all I could do to release my thoughts about… Continue reading Black History is American History