Tea Time with Herbal Tea

It’s that time of year! Stay well GL



Recently I have been experimenting with different herbal teas. Normally I drink coffee or fruity teas like hibiscus, peach and lemon. After giving birth to “Hummingbird”  the research began of all things natural. Overall wellness is the key to longevity and happiness. Research led me to large amount of information about herbs. From homemade herbal teas that have been used for centuries, to herbs you can grow in your kitchen. Each has a property that can help with nervous disorders, digestion, headaches, insomnia, blood pressure, and a wealth of other things. Although trying them all at one time would be exhausting, the thought crossed my mind. 

In excitement I began taking notes and looking for herbal teas that could help people I know with certain aliments. Here’s some information on the new herbal teas I recently tried. Note these herbs can be ingested, through salves, oils, and tinctures too.

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