Health, Wealth, & Wellness Conference & Resource Fair

I received a ton of information from attending the Health, Wealth, and Wellness Conference & Resource Fair. I wanted to share with others all the benefits and information that can help you move forward with starting your own business.

“Taking Your Business On-Line and Expanding Through Marketing”

This seminar was moderated by Constance Anderson of the Small Business Development Center(SBDC)

The panelist were Jim Griffth, Senior Manager of Seller Community Advocacy & Education for EBay, Jo DeMike, Partnership Development, Brand & Reputation Marketing  for Google, Inc. Mark Mikelat, Founder and Owner, Building Aspirations, and Shabham Dewji, Former Vice President of Operations for Time Warner Cable Media.

As you can see the panel had the most important relevant companies in business there to answer questions and give information. Here are some of the points that stood out most to me.

  • Represent your brand everywhere. On the bags you give to customers, stickers, thank you cards, business cards and if you can wear your product do it! You are your brand.
  • Network! Speak to people you don’t know exchange business cards and information.
  • Email and word of mouth are the best free marketing that you can do. Grab business cards, or create a book for people to leave you their email information to stay informed about what you’re doing and of course Giveaways.
  • 17 % of Americans check there email via smart phones in the morning before getting out of bed.
  • Update your business plan every 90 days with a 3-5 year outlook.
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration has a ton of FREE information and classes that educate you on starting your own business
  • These will help you market and research your business Google Trends, Google AdWords, and Google WebMasters

All speakers were open to questions and stayed after to answer more questions with individuals. Mark Mikelat even offered his webinar series for free to people who left their business cards.

“Business Health & Wealth: Smart Tax Tips for a Healthy Business”

John Fears, Compliance Administrator, Culver City Office, for California State Board of Equalization , Anthony Sykes, Enrolled Agent, Presenting for the Internal Revenue Service, Lila Fedler, Technical Assistant to the Advocate for the Franchise Tax Board, Sally Phetteplace, District Principle Auditor.

Taxes are very important when starting your own business, keeping good records and filing for permits/ licenses will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.  These are the tips that stood out the most to me during this presentation.

  • The Internal Revenue Service has information on business taxes, starting a business, a tax guide for small business and videos on
  • Get sellers permit and business tax information from California State Board of Equalization website
  • File your taxes electronically
  • Bookkeeping will save you time when tax season comes around
  • You can file your business and personal taxes with the Franchise Tax Board 


A special thank you to Jerome E. Horton the California Board of Equalization 4th District Chair, for bringing this event to Hollywood Park Casino and his wonderful wife Yvonne Horton who emceed, this information will help myself and others thrive to become educated business owners.


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