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Stepping out of the BOX

Journal entry 6/29/2014

Yesterday was fairly productive and I became tired early in the evening. I woke feeling heavy this morning, as if something was wrong. The feeling was familiar, often ignored.

The first six months of the year have been filled with things to do for Hummingbird and myself. I have made the choice to “busy” myself and it’s prolonged my healing from past relationships (family,romantic).

When you make a choice to heal from a situation, it does not mean that it will never happen again. You become equip, knowing and believing that you can heal again. The problem for myself is that while healing from one situation the other becomes a part of it, and intensifies the healing process.

I decided to share this because I have recognized the beauty and freedom you receive when you heal. Although it is not easy, I buckle down to take this ride and become assured that I will heal and not wear anger, bitterness, hate, and pain as armor.


I woke up feeling heavy and I have decided I will not go to sleep that way.



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