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Yaya Maya

Yesterday our beloved Dr. Maya Angelou transitioned, I learned of her passing through numerous social networks. Initially I was in shock, although she has been ill for a while now with heart issues.  Emotions took over and I began to cry, feeling that I just lost someone close to me. She reminded me of my paternal grandmother Irene. Grandma Irene was sweet, yet just like with Dr. Angelou, when she spoke her words were precise and the message felt.
 Through her writing Dr. Maya Angelou shared so much of herself and her story, not holding back what people thought was unconventional at the time.  She spoke with confidence and stood with poise.  She used the power of words to heal, incite, excite, motivate, influence, suggest, reveal, redirect, educate, comfort, entertain,  inspire…her strong voice emitted with precision the verbal daggers that simply made you a better being after having heard them.
We have been left with her wisdom of words that I will read to my daughter and she may read to her daughter. Dr. Maya Angelou will continue to live on through the hearts of those she has touched. And as a transitioned spirit, she will continue to thrive.
Global Lioness

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