Highlights of 2013

This year has been enlightening and I am thankful for everyday even those that were trying and I didn’t know if I would make it. I did though. I made it another year the courage and strength resonate in my spirit. I awake to hear my light say “Mimiya” and I’m set. 
A few of my highlights in 2013
·        I ran my first 5k race four days before my 28th birthday.
·        Hannah’s first birthday party was a major success seeing her happy was priceless.
·        I continued running (Survivor mud run, Revlon Cancer walk/run & Color Me Rad) it has been a great outlet for me to let off steam.
·        I realized it is true that it takes a village to raise a child, I can’t do everything. And there are people who do want to help you, you have to let them.
·        You can choose your family as you grow older. This year I’ve made bonds with people that I am grateful for.
·        I had fun with photography. Hannah has been and will always be my muse. I’ve taken my nature photos and created postcards/greeting cards
·        I plan the launch of my store “Lioness Treasures” in March 2014.
·        I sent my book in to get copy written. It was hard because as an artist, it seems like your work is never done. I have begun Volume II for those reasons. “A Transition to Grace” coming soon!
·        A logo was created for “Global Lioness” and it’s everything I envisioned. T-shirts coming soon!
·        I removed 60lbs of fat from my body from exercising and getting back to the basics ( fruits & veggies)
·        Someone who I had shared information with, gave me a call to say it helped them. I enjoy sharing what I learn.
·        This year I took 8 courses and one step closer to earning my bachelors’ degree. In 2014 I will have my associates’ degree in behavioral and science sciences.
·        Hannah has taught me so much but the most important I believe is to “be in the present moment”. You never get it back.
·        As I see who I am to become I embrace my inner child and welcome the woman I am to be.
·        I was able to adjust to my work conditions and change my attitude for the better.
·        Learning to listen.Whole heartedly, without thinking of what I will say next.
·        I’ve seen high and low moments but I am still here. It has to mean something, right?
·        I passed the notary exam after my second try and plan to move forward with loan processing.
·        I have learned to call on my ancestors in time of spiritual guidance. My great grandmother, grandmother, great grandfather, grandfather, great aunt and uncle are spirits that are always with me. I am never alone.
·        I applied to a few universities, we shall see what happens in 2014
·        Love is so much better than hate. Just love.
·        If you can’t handle something give it to the Universe, “Everything is happening for you, not to you”, is on my wall in my bathroom as a reminder.

·        Enlighten those who wish to be enlightened, those who seek to know will.
Thank you to everyone taking time to read this, I appreciate your support and thank you for believing in me. Peace & Love
      Global Lioness

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