Family Defined

While researching I came across a quote, “Your family is the first group of people you learn from, and within your family is every type of person in this world”. One thing I have learned is everyone has “good” and “bad” within their spirit. What is shown is completely up to the individual.  It clicked for me why everyone was so different in my family. I also became aware that I needed to remove the pedestals I placed them on.
I once questioned, “Why aren’t they seeking to do better?” “If we love each other, why be angry all the time?” “Can anyone ever really be happy?” “Does money make life easier?” “Is this my real family?”
Members of my family have been known act out of jealousy, anger and bitterness. As a child, these people who could do no wrong in my eyes. Viewing situations that adults experience is not always understood as a child; especially if they are not communicated properly. This began a journey plagued with confusion and uncertainty. Recently, I was ignored and disrespected as an adult – my feelings were hurt.
Our biological family is the one we are born into. I believe we choose them in the spiritual realm and proceed with our journey of learning while on Earth. We may see them often or just during the holiday season, but without doubt they leave you with something to grasp and learn. While here, you have the opportunity to create your own family – a support system that is nurturing to your growth.
Another thing I believe is that our families, whether biological or not, has our backs through some tough experiences. I’ve noticed it will take tragedy for some families to come together and squash unsettled differences.
My adventure is and continues to be blessed with souls that are supportive to my specific journey. As an adult, I am now aware that most of my family is not biologically related. They have my back and front one hundred percent, brings a new sense of the word family to me. 
Although everyone is different in their own right, each person has made me the woman I am today and for that I am grateful to every last member of my biological family.  
“Your village as an adult is chosen by you and can offer support throughout your journey. There are no limits to united souls that are here to assist with wisdom”. 



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