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Growth in Progress

The last week has been challenging yet I feel I have been enlightened about a few situations. Wanting a change I began applying for jobs that were closer to home or made more money. Either position would have made a difference economically, which is something I hoped for. One position was tentatively offered to me, the other I later found out chose another candidate. The position that was offered to me was also made unavailable. I received this news within days of each other. After putting in the work and doing what was asked of me, I still remain in the same location.

As much as I wanted to cry and weep, I took another exam online and passed with 95%. Another door opened, I sent off three applications the next day. Even though those things occurred in the same week my spirit remained grounded, letting it pass and not holding on to the frustration of not receiving the news I expected.

While checking my email I came across an event that will be in October, called “Be the Change” located in Newport Beach, California. Looking at the workshops offered about healing, spirituality, holistic practices, yoga, and a fire walk I became interested feeling this could change my life. The last thing I observed was the price, which is not much for a weekend full of enlightening workshops. Although for me right now with school and commuting to work funds are limited, I looked up and saw that they offer scholarships. I followed the directions and forwarded an email to the address listed. I did not ask to attend all workshops, but if given the opportunity I would attend the entire weekend.

In two hours I received an email that began with, “I am speechless right now”. The director of the event approved my scholarship for not just one workshop but the whole event. No one could take my joy that day, I took a chance and asked for help and it was provided. I can’t wait to inhale the information that I receive while there and look forward to learning.

During the weekend I attended a “Survivor Mud Run” in Lake Elsinore it was a little over three miles and had obstacles along with mud. I was pumped ready to step out of my comfort zone when, I fell head first into a mud pit! At this point I would have loved to just go home. My brother however kept a high level of energy I fed off and other runners helped to motivate each other. The barrel crawl was difficult, and a woman turned back around to help me out. There were heels of mud to climb and most people slid down numerous times, I witnessed another woman trying to help my brother who is probably three times her size. We both earned battle scars and I look forward to completing “The Spartan Race” in the near future, but no more mud runs for now JThe Red Hook beer after was pretty good !

Every day will be different and things will not always go as planned but I do believe there’s a high power working things out the way they should be rather than how I want them to be. No, I did not get a new job but I received the opportunity for self-enlightenment and I get to share that with those who are open to it. I saw people from different walks of life help me and my brother without expecting anything in return, while we both stepped out of our comfort zones. These experiences are appreciated.

Global Lioness

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