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Bags are packed

Within the last three months life has continued to evolve, growing into overview of what I have not “healed” from. We enter this realm as babies and become branded by our experiences, if we allow. There are situations from my child hood that still affect me to this day, thinking of all the things I don’t ever want to do as a parent. As I have aged I brought them along with me, like luggage while accepting more along the way.
In my spirit I feel my purpose is to help others, guide those who need and help those who want to heal.
I am unable to do so if I cannot heal myself. Attempting to think too much or make excuses for myself is how I have gotten away from getting rid of “luggage” that has no use.
I realize more than ever I am an emotional being; I care for others deeply and remain loyal to those I create a bond with. I enjoy being around people and want to see them do the best.
Every experience comes with a lesson, there’s no good or bad. Life has its way of making you deal with things that you attempt to push back. First thing is we must be honest with ourselves. The truth does set you free. There are times when it can open old wounds which we thought had healed. I am learning to accept that I have an opportunity to bring myself peace and pass that on to my daughter this time. My perspective has changed but there are times my mind still wants to worry because that is what I have been used too. However, the feeling that comes along with worrying is fear and that is what I’ve decided to pack in one of those bags I no longer need.
I decided to put this on my blog because as I go through this transition, I will grow, and I will have inner peace.
I realize more than ever I am responsible for how I feel. I was told by a friend,” God doesn’t put more on you than you can handle “, considering my experiences there’s more strength in me then I knew.
Peace & Love

Global Lioness

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