On the Sunny Side

Living in Los Angeles can be quite an experience. 
You meet people from all over the world who make it a goal to at least 
visit or live in “Sunny California”. 

The weather feels pleasant, there’s beautiful scenery and the locals

carry a sense of pride.

Drum Circle

While walking down the boardwalk in Venice Beach, California,

I realized how special this place could be. There’s something about

the water that causes people to be at ease. I was there on a Sunday and it seemed
as though everyone was out. There were artists everywhere. Painters,
seamstresses, singers, dancers and graphic artists. 
Creation was all around.

I felt each person made a ‘piece of themselves’ available for sale that day.

Whatever they created had allowed them to survive 
another day do what naturally comes from them.

I loved it!!!
A Venice local creating.
We all are able to create, even if it’s a recipe that you make your own.
If it’s painting what you see or writing your story. I do hear people say it takes

money to make money, there is truth to that. There are plenty of services

we can do for ourselves and use those funds to invest in our own
creations. For example, I enjoying burning candles and signed up for a
class to learn how to make them. In one day, I made enough candles for
three months. I saved time and money. There is something about using
things you’ve helped to create. It takes a moment of purity to know
you’re not always a “consumer”.

I have only mentioned a few things that could be done “for you by you”,

but seriously consider the money you hand out daily for others to do

things for you that you could be doing for yourself. Especially with the Internets
around, use it! It’s a resource. It’s understandable that convenience can
make things easier, but you’re working hard to pay these services or goods.

Peace & Blessings
Global Lioness 
Edited by: P.G.B

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