Self Reflection- Who do you see?

I feel as though I haven’t shared any recent thoughts lately. It’s time!

On March 20th I will be 26 years old, usually I reflect and do some writing before the day to take note of where I have come from and how I have progressed.
I strongly believe reflection is apart of growth, you have to take your own self inventory truthfully in order to change things that you possibly are not aware of or do them differently. 

The first group or set of people we learn from is are family. For example, through reflection I have become aware that I share many habits and sayings of family members. True enough I have heard them over and over again. Some have stuck with me the others I choose to change because through reflection, I was now aware. Meaning I am responsible for the path I take. No one else.

I will create a block of time to begin doing this every six months. Mean while I will get to reflecting on my 25th year, it was full of lessons and growth. Thank you all for your love & kindness, it’s helping me blossom.

Peace & Blessings

Global Lioness


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