inspiration · music · Shared Poetry

Soul Music

Peacefully playing tunes of Miles Davis hangin on to every note.

Music is my dope.
Inhaling the funk and soul of the stories told.
Exhaling smoothness.
Embracing the flow.
Opening doors to a world love.
That some haven’t heard of.
A guitar sings melodies so sweet. Congas that give that bumpin beat.
The flute can take you to serene place.
Just take a taste of music and you will see why it means so much to me.
To everyone under the sun we all have one that we throw are hands in the air &wave
them like we just don’t care.
Getting up and dancing wanting to shout “I love music” I love what it’s about.
Freedom to create without hate.
Marvin said “Ain’t no mountain high enough” If it’s meant to be it will trust.
Music is my therapy because after I hear some songs I realize it’s not just me, who confronts life’s ups & downs.
We all experience some sort of trials.
There’s no need to feel alone Tupac said “keep your head up” I agree and stay strong.
This music induced euphoria I’m feeling has me touching the ceiling.


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