A Piece Of My Heart

A piece by: Christina “Lioness” Wherry
Who am I?
I am a child of the universe.
Free to roam.
A little girl in a woman’s body, learning all over again.
To live from within.
The castle and jungle are my home.
No throne needed. I was bred a Queen.
Aware of my blood line. I was born to be spiritually divine.
Quick witted as a child with no experience.
Free to choose wisely.
My ancestors have sown the roots of strength within my soul.
The key to knowledge & wisdom helping my world unfold.
Aware at this age learning starts with me.
I am a student, lover, aunty, sister, and friend.
A teacher and student that time will never end.
I am words in a book that need to be read aloud to feel proud!!!
I am sensitive to the pain of life but wise enough to know, there’s a lesson to be learned. I am peace and love, it starts in my womb.
I am ideas of the future and memories from the past. I am a leader but first learned to follow. I am a needle that needs thread to work.
A fish that needs water to survive.
I am thirsty for knowledge.
What I am, all wrapped up is a gift from God.
Peace & Blessings

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