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Truth Thru Music

Everything started or created was once an idea. Labeled as “good” or “bad” depending on your morals. We choose to believe in these ideas, therefore they become known as TRUTH. The energy of a human being is more powerful then we realize at times, leading our souls into whatever avenues the mind wonders and believes. Choose your thoughts wisely.

In the past I thought of everything I did not want to be. Observing the people I was surrounded by and saying ” I’m never going to be like that ” or ” I would never do that “. In the end I did some of those things. At times oblivious of my actions until reflection. This is the time you need to be honest with yourself, there are things we all would like to change. They first have to be recognized. You see, if we choose to FOCUS on the things we do not want , we don’t give air to the ideas that help us to grow & know who we are. No one is PERFECT, although your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS can lead you to your DREAMS. I am learning to be patient with myself as I grow. Thinking of all the great things I want to do for others and the goals set forth inspire positive thoughts. Your cup can always be half full, it’s how you view it.

Besides we all have something GRATEFUL for.
Peace & Blessings

Global Lioness


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