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Soul Music

Peacefully playing tunes of Miles Davis hangin on to every note. Music is my dope. Inhaling the funk and soul of the stories told.Exhaling smoothness. Embracing the flow. Opening doors to a world love. That some haven’t heard of. A guitar sings melodies so sweet. Congas that give that bumpin beat. The flute can take… Continue reading Soul Music


A Piece Of My Heart

A piece by: Christina “Lioness” Wherry                                                              Who am I? I am a child of the universe. Free to roam. A little girl in a woman’s body, learning all over again. To live from within. The castle and jungle are my home. No throne needed. I was bred a Queen. Aware of my blood line.… Continue reading A Piece Of My Heart

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Truth Thru Music

Everything started or created was once an idea. Labeled as “good” or “bad” depending on your morals. We choose to believe in these ideas, therefore they become known as TRUTH. The energy of a human being is more powerful then we realize at times, leading our souls into whatever avenues the mind wonders and believes.… Continue reading Truth Thru Music