Resolution or Fad ? Making A Healthy Lifestyle Change

The “New Year” prompts change for many people, making the choice to”look” better. Learning to feel better is key, changes from within have major effect on whatever goes on around us. Simply putting the person who you thought YOU were under the microscope. Figuring out some of these habits you have acquired are not truly who YOU are. Year after year, most say they want to lose weight. To begin with, know that you are capable to change your circumstances.

Breaking habits that continue your unhealthy cycle are important. They’re apart of who you were, not who you wish to become. Being healthy is one of the balances needed to enjoy this life.

Spiritually, I became motivated. Exercising & eating healthy was easier to complete.

Physically my clothes became bigger & I began to see me!

Emotionally, your confidence rises to that point where you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Mentally, you must continue to push yourself. You won’t ever know how far you can go if you don’t try.

My goal was to be comfortable with who I am inside & out! I challenged myself to start eating more green leafy veggies (salads, kale) beans(black beans, lentils) & my favorite: WATER (8 glasses of ‘0’ calories)

The exercising began with me being a follower. Learning ‘how to follow’. Running and walking with my BF was great. He was able to run longer than me, without being out of breath at the end. This is when I learned that I must pace myself & be patient. I was also running incorrectly dropping my foot to touch the ground completely. I was making it hard for myself. It pays to do research before you start working out.

Some of these sites helped me out tremendously:




Believe in yourself, only you & the universe have the power to change YOU!
Stays focused & surround yourself with like-minded individuals to keep you moving forward.

“Welcome Peace with Love”
Global Lioness

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