Shared Poetry

Today at work trying make it work!

While net surfing I came across a poem I wanted to share. It touched me deeply as if I was reading my own writing. Writing and reading are two of my favorite hobbies. I will post some of my own writings soon until then “Welcome peace with love”.

I am
Bring me to a place….
where I dont belong…
and im sure, that ill find my way home…
Im lost in a sea, full of many things, most of them dreams….
or things that are unseen…..
No one feels my struggle, no one sees my pain….
No one understands my restraint…
my withdraw from the world….
from the society that surrounds me….
No one can see the things that haunt me….
No one can understand my fear….
They dont know why I dont want to get near….
They are so quick to judge, They are so quick to nudge, They are so quick to assume, But no one dares to ask why, why, sometimes at night I cry, and sometimes i feel like i should die, and sometimes…
I feel like I shouldnt try….
But I keep on going anyway….
For those who understand, for those who know, For those who seen and watch me grow…..
For those whose seen those sleepless nights, and foodless days….
For those who’s father strayed away, For those who had their heart broken, and couldnt bear the pain…
I carry their burden, I carry their name, I am the hope, I am the dream, I am everything in between, I am here to rise and succeed, I am now what the world needs…
I am love, I am strength, I am happiness……
Im the definition of…..
Written by Jerica Thomas

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